A Star Is Born: Of Love And Mental Illness

Let me just share through this article my take on the remake of A Star Is Born. The movie, which stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, painfully yet genuinely, portrays the heartache brought about by anxiety, depression, and heartache. I think about my own demons that I battle when my anxiety inflicts me. The film is a must-see for everyone. It is an eye opener especially to those who are challenged by a mental illness, and to their loved ones who live and share their lives with them as well.

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A Short Summary

Bradley Cooper, who plays the addict in the movie, appropriately represents his role as someone who is struggling to cope with the pains of his childhood trauma. He attempts to cure this through self-medication. Here, Bradley shows that an alcoholic/addict can be a kind and wonderful person who is full of talent and character. Anyone, even a mentally ill individual, can be a rock star, as it doesn’t really matter if you’re mentally healthy or not. You can be anyone you want to be.

Lady Gaga’s role as Ally here in the movie also reflects on the love and sacrifices that family and significant others should show for their mentally ill loved one. When Ally cancels her tour to take care of Jackson (Bradley), she is the perfect epitome of someone who gives up everything to see her loved one recover. Her sorrow, including those of Jackson’s brother, father, and friends, is authentic proof and consequence of mental illness and addiction.


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The Ending Can Be Different For You

In the end, Jackson lost his battle with mental illness despite the beautiful person that he was – and it was no one’s fault because it was his choice. This part of the movie where Jackson’s brother consoles Ally and tells her it’s not her fault conveys a message to all loved ones and significant others that no matter how much love and care and sacrifice you share to the afflicted individual, in the end, it is his battle.

For those who are suffering from mental illness, suicide – which Jackson did in the movie – is not at all the ending for you. You can make it your choice not to.


There Is Help

This is the good news. There is help, and when I say help, it means the real sense of the word. I have been dealing with my anxiety and depression for years now, but not alone. I am going through life with my family, whom I share how I feel, my friends, and my therapist, who has been one of the strongest support networks that I’ve had. Yes, it might be cliché, but YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


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Films like A Star Is Born are worth remaking, with the way they have sent waves of support and inspiration for people who feel that they are suffering from the stigma of being mentally ill. The downward spiral that you and I feel can be eliminated if we just reach out and ask for help because it is abundant. And for those we love and who love us, continue to do so. Be with us as we reframe our way of thinking. Encourage us to be positive. Let us journey together through life with joy, happiness, and success.



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An Everyday Life Struggle (What Depression Means To Me)

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Depression is something that I can’t control. It quietly creeps upon me. I struggle with it for a little in the beginning, but it continues to grow as I usually choose to ignore it. I tell myself that it is going to be temporary and then assume that it will pass. I keep repeating in my thoughts that it is just a bad day and I’m only having a rough time. However, those things are not enough, and I am stuck in this state of mind.

I get used to putting a social mask and pretend that things are okay. I continue to live among other people because I know for sure that’s what I have to do. Perhaps, that’s what others do too. However, pain and struggle don’t come off that way. When I stand in line, I always think about how everything I do can be so wrong. Places, people, and uncontrolled circumstances paralyze me. Every time I play along with life, the emotional and psychological pain continues to grow more and more. I fall even deeper into the mental condition, and I slowly step back away from what life has to offer.

The Struggle

The mental condition won’t stop hurting me. As a result, I try to move away from people, friends, and family. Sometimes, I completely shut them down because I don’t think they can be any of help. I continue to destroy relationships. I hate crowds, I hate people, and I hate myself.  I overthink, and sadly, all my satisfaction is gone. The little things that used to bring me joy are now insignificant. Sometimes, even the most straightforward task becomes so complicated that I can’t even convince myself to start doing any of it. I want to stop trying because I know nothing will make me happy anyway.

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All the things about life make me feel worse and lonely. I believe I am caught up in a cycle where there’s no hope and escape. Suddenly, I notice that life is moving in slow motion and days become so indistinguishable. I can only feel heaviness; I can hear white noise, and I can’t see anything aside from the deep hollow space I’m in. There’s a lack of purpose and low self-esteem that hinders me from getting up. There is a big part of me that wants things to be better. I want to get a positive upsurge that helps me want to go out and meet new people. But all of that positivity is short-lived because depression somehow won’t allow me to feel better. In the end, I choose to stay by my side, alone in my comfort zone where no one asks questions if I’m okay.

I don’t want to stay in this mental and emotional drain forever, but it’s not like I can just quit and choose not to have depression. So I have to realize that I can’t go on without thinking about two things. Either I decide to get some help, or I attempt to commit suicide. I want to know what happens when I stop getting scared of being scared. I don’t want people’s judgment, and I don’t need their insults. I only wish to get better.

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Life is never easy for me, and I know that some people who share the same mental condition with me also feel the same. Pretty much no one knows how depression feels like unless it’s on their shoe. I do not wish everyone to experience it, but the way to properly understand what it is and what it can do to someone is by experiencing it on your own.

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Three Top Picks On Robin Williams’ Films

Robin Williams was a famous comedian of his time. We grow up watching his films every Friday night over roasted marshmallows, popcorns, sparkling sodas, and lots and lots of junk foods! Well, I’m not going to talk about our family time in this article; instead, this will be a tribute to the actor that inspired me through his work of art, notwithstanding his life behind the tinsel town and his famous personality that eventually ended his life in 2014.

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Robin Williams started to make movies in 1977 but his famous role in Good Morning, Vietnam as a radio announcer catapulted his success both in films and television. His comical acting skills and his renowned voice variations are his trademarks in Hollywood. I never really watched all of his movies, only the recent and popular ones, but reviewing his filmography over the internet, he starred in almost all variety of movie genre – suspense thriller, family themed, animation, musical, fantasy, futuristic, war, love story, and many more. He also appeared in many television shows and sitcoms like Mork and Mindy and The Crazy Ones.

My Favorite Picks

I like to watch Robin Williams in a movie that offers inspiration and laden with words to live by quotes. His films are always a good-feel movie for me where it gives me some push to work on my life whenever I feel down and hopeless. Below are my top three choices.

  1.    Dead Poets Society – he played as an English teacher in this film, and he encouraged a group of young boys to love poetry and live life outside the box. Following your dream and live life following what you believe is your destiny was his principle. The school administration had noticed his eccentric teaching skills and the effect he has on his students, especially when one committed suicide because of conflict between the child’s passion and his parents’ dream.
  2.    Patch Adams – The movie was a life story of a suicidal person who voluntarily committed himself in a mental institution to find help. His stay and experience prompted him to go to medical school and become a doctor to change the relationship between the doctor and the patient to effective treatments and cure. The film had psychological bearings in it when Patch Adams lost the love of his life, and he also lost hope in his dreams and ambition. Nonetheless, the many lives he cared for helped him in this toughest time.
  3.    The Bird Cage – A hilarious yet inspiring movie between a gay couple and their son who understands their present situation. As their son is planning to get married and will be introducing his fiancée and parents to them, the crisis emerged as the girl’s parents are strict and upholds morality issue to the core. This film speaks about acceptance in any family structure and how parents should provide love and care to their child.

Dementia and Suicide

When Robin Williams committed suicide, everyone thought that he has clinical depression. That put a significant marked on the relationship of stardom, being funny as an escape from the actual internal feelings to a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. However, Williams’ widow corrected and strongly believed that he did not die of depression. This was supported by an autopsy report that came in several weeks later, and it was found out that the loved actor has early signs of dementia. Robin Williams was already diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease early on and was showing signs of the condition. As for dementia, his wife confessed that there were some significant manifestations too and if he had not committed suicide, the doctors are giving him three years of functional life before sinking into the complications of full-blown dementia.

source: scienceofparkinsons.com

To some people, taking one’s own life is a mortal sin. In this case, it can be a rationalization that the actor made a courageous step and it’s an act of love to spare his family from suffering with him. For whatever reasons, and not judging his actions, the man has made lasting impressions to his millions of fans.

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Four Flicks To Lift-Up Your Mood

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Depression can be debilitating to the point of neglect of self-care activities. While it is normal to feel sad now and then; persistent sadness and feelings of hopelessness would usually warrant professional consultation and help. Many are placed on medications in combination with psychotherapy. Others opt to go all natural by changing their fast-paced lifestyle and choosing for healthier options in their food, hobbies, and habits. One of the classical symptoms associated with depression is being not motivated to get out bed or do something productive for the day. Usually, people bum around the house, tinker their social media sites, listen to music or probably do a marathon on movies and television shows; however, as mundane as picking out movies and shows to watch, it might be troublesome for a person with depression. To make life a little easy, here are some of the movie’s suggestions when you need something entertaining to cry, to laugh and to seek answers to life questions.

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Depressed And In A Relationship: Helpful Tips

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Love and falling in love are one of the most common themes in movies and literature. The industry involved in weddings, dating, and relationships have billions in profit. It is perfectly fine to assume that everyone is enamored with love. People are willing to spend money and time hopefully to find their match. Falling in love is one of the simple pleasures of life. Isn’t it fascinating to find someone who rejoices simply because you exist? Of course, other than your family and friends. The experience of true romantic love is enriching but the journey is oftentimes excruciating. For women, they might have kissed a few frogs along the way. For individuals with mental illness, the journey on finding the right person can be intimidating; however, always remember the love knows no boundaries and it’s inclusive of everyone. Mental illness and dating can mix well as long as both partners are willing to compromise. It is best to ponder on these tips to hopefully help you in your relationship.

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Understanding Depersonalization Disorder in the Eyes of Yayoi Kusama

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You may be wondering who is the brilliant artist that used the theme of dots in all her artwork. Her pieces are quite fascinating, and it will make you think why did I not think of this before – to use dots as the center and focus of my art and make millions. Well, frankly, that’s myself speaking while looking at her lovely work.


Late in November last year, we made it to the art exhibit of Yayoi Kusama, or also known as the “Polka Dot Princess.” As you can see from the photos here, she uses almost 99% of dots into her paintings, adding them sculptures, or splattering them to the walls. If you have a fear of circle objects, then this is not for you. Seriously, her artwork is unique and out- of this world. So, why dots?

The 86-year-old Japanese artist used art as her therapy and escape for her mental illness. At the age of ten, Yayoi was already having hallucinations that primarily consist of flashes of light and immensely fields of dots. She experienced anxiety and dreadfulness every time she encounters this type of episodes. To put her emotions more constructive, she started drawing and painting her obsessions, and this began her life as an artist.

Depersonalization disorder

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In one narrative about Yayoi, she was diagnosed with depersonalization disorder. This type of mental illness is “marked by periods of feeling disconnected or detached from one’s body and thoughts (depersonalization)”. People with depersonalization disorder are not total mentally deranged in fact, they are still in contact with the reality and are very much aware of their symptoms. When asked, individuals experiencing depersonalization described it like looking at your self or something like in a state of dream. Depersonalization disorder is under the umbrella of dissociative disorders which are characterized by memory breakdown, disruptions in awareness, identity and even perception.


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Yayoi’s sublimation or displacement of emotions into a constructive rather than destructive activity, catapulted her to be the most expensive female artist at the present time. Just like Yayoi, persons with depersonalization disorder can be treated and manage their symptoms as needed. Treatment includes the following:

  • Psychotherapy or talk therapy allows the person to speak about their thoughts and feelings in relation to their psychological conflicts.
  • Medications can be prescribed to help depression, anxiety, and disorder thinking. Additional health teachings are provided to take care of oneself when on medications because these drugs have side or adverse effects that can harm the person.
  • Family therapy to include the family members in the treatment process.
  • Music and art therapies are examples of creative therapies to channel the negative emotions and other symptoms associated with depersonalization disorder to a more constructive outcome. Just like Yayoi.
  • Clinical hypnosis may or may not work on certain persons, however, this treatment technique puts the person at a complete state of relaxation and will begin to examine and explore their feelings, thoughts, and memories that are lurking behind their conscious minds.
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Career Change Guide: Things To Do Before Taking The Leap

The Pursuit of Happiness is an inspirational movie for anyone who loses hope in finding their niche and meaning in life. A true story of a father who almost went to the verge of a psychological breakdown while looking for a decent job and make a living for him and his son. Despite these hardships, Chris Gardner never gave up and continued with his aspirations until he got his golden ticket to success.

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Top 5 Movies That Talk About Mental Illness

Movies and films can affect the views and opinions of its viewers. These works of art can influence people in so many ways. With millions of motion pictures available in the market, it can get confusing as to which among them you should watch first. The answer to this question is highly dependent on the things you want to find out as well as the current state of your emotions.

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