Beethoven’s Music And Mental Health

When people think of musical genius, one of the most common answers is Ludwig Van Beethoven.  Up to this day, his compositions live on and continue to be played. He is also one of the most famous and powerful composers of all time. People might not precisely identify the songs regarding its details but rest assured that when they hear it, they would be amazed that it was Beethoven who composed the symphony.  He showed musical inclinations as a child and was taught by his father Johann Van Beethoven and Christian Gottlob Neefe who was also a composer and conductor. While many considered him a musical genius, some experts believe that Ludwig Van Beethoven suffered from bipolar disorder as well as substance abuse from alcoholic beverages later on in his life.


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Understanding The Creativity Behind Mental Illness

The world has a fascination for masterpieces, arts, and creativity; however, there is an association between mental illness and creativity. Oftentimes, the artists and musicians have an unusual creative process. Some thrive in the use of substances to fuel their minds with exciting ideas and out of this world output.

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Essentials Of Art Therapy

Art therapy.

Intrigued about art therapy? Art therapy pros? Art therapy cons? Learn more about art therapy below.

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The concept of art therapy came from the idea that creative expression will make way for better mental health.

The use of these techniques such as painting, drawing, and coloring is the highlight of art therapy.

It is slowly becoming a trend nowadays because everyone who engages in it can express their emotions freely through the use of coloring materials. Art therapy allows people to express all their suppressed emotions.

Learning this will help unleash creativity and help people explore their emotions, boost their self-confidence, develop self-awareness, and improve their social skills.

The Benefits of Art Therapy

The benefits of art as therapy know no age. Children, teenagers, and even adults can take it as a hobby whenever they wish to. Children suffering from social problems and learning disabilities would often resort to creativity. It is also best recommended for people and adults experiencing severe stress or mental health issues. It is one of the best healing techniques, especially for those who have experienced traumatic events in their life.

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Art Therapy Tools

1. The Dry Art Supplies For Therapy

This category includes mostly the writing and cutting supplies you need for the kind of craft you are going to do. Some of these dry supplies also include crayons, markers, pens, pencils, stencils, stamps, drawing pads, and notebooks.

“Art Therapy utilizes the use of creative materials and the creative process to help clients heal & help them with physical, mental, spiritual and emotional benefits.” Elena Lamaak, MA, LMHC explains. Experiment with the type and brands of drawing or writing supplies that you are most comfortable with.

Children who use creativity are most likely to have jumbo crayons with an extensive color range, clays, markers, and lots of bond papers. Nowadays, coloring books are popular among adults. All they have to buy are their choice of coloring book and a set of crayons or coloring pencils.

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2. The Wet Art Supplies

If you are more into painting, then acrylic paints and watercolor sets are mostly on your list. Most craft stores have different brands of wet supplies depending on their prices and types. Mostly, they would also offer beginner sets or kits complete with different brushes and mixing stuff. There are also washable painting kits that are suitable for children. Painting is widely used here. 

3. The Therapy Kit

Do not let missing crayons or pieces of your art materials add to your stress and anxiety. More often than not, patients grow fond of their art supplies instead of their art therapy provided stuff. It would be better if you have your bag or briefcase for your materials. Check the stores for a carry-bag that would fit all your stuff. It would be much better if they have their designated pockets. This will be very useful in art therapy.

4. The Art Therapy Artistic Inspirations Through Drawings And Pictures

Having some drawings and images done by other people can serve as inspiration for the kids. If they like dinosaurs or cars, prepare some truck or four wheels cutouts.

Therapy Artworks

art therapy Woman art therapy art therapy

Your artworks are not for nothing. After you have done a piece, put them properly in a frame or a bag. Preserve them because they are the window to your emotions.

Art Therapy Conclusion

“It’s important to underscore here the importance of monitoring your mental health and knowing how different medications and lifestyle changes can impact your mental health,” says Julia Hogan, LCPC. Enlisting the help of an art therapist will help boost your confidence and treat any underlying mental health illness you may have. In art therapy, they know the fundamentals and theories of this technique. They will provide activities and techniques designed just for you after you tell them your concerns, problems, and mental health condition. Before you even know it, your mental health has become better through art therapy.

“Therapy doesn’t have to be talk-based; there are some modalities, like music therapy and art therapy, that can help you get those in tune with those emotions without having to cough them up verbally.” Hannah Goodman, LMHCC

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Psychologist-Approved Gifts For Your Artistic Daughter At Any Age Without Breaking The Bank



Mothers of different origins tend to become similar to each other on the days leading up to their daughter’s birthday, in the sense that they seem to need assistance from a psychologist during this time more than ever. The reason is not always because the birthday girl is begging for them to throw a huge party or she keeps on asking if she can already have a boyfriend. It may not either be because you are too busy at work, and you cannot take a leave of absence to be with your daughter on her special day.

If you think of moms in general (and you may be one too), you may realize that most of them want to get presents that are within a 100-dollar budget. This idea can apply not only for middle-class individuals but also for wealthy folks who don’t wish to spoil their kids with expensive gifts. After all, it will allow them to find great joy, even in little things.

Now, before you start looking through department stores or online shops, there is one thing that you have to consider: the age of your kid.



3 To 8 Years  Old

If your daughter is in the early childhood stage in which she likes everything girly, she may appreciate dolls, tea or kitchen sets, princess gowns, and pretty much anything else that is pink in color. You may find these as expensive gifts off the bat, but that will not be the case if only you know where to buy them.

13 To 17 Years Old

Some girls may or may not have foregone their idolatry for princesses when they become teenagers, but their passion for colors and bling only intensifies as they get older. “Early adolescents (ages 12-14), middle adolescents (ages 15-17), and late adolescents (ages 18-20) all have different needs from their caregivers based on where they are at developmentally.” says Sandi Lindgren PCC, LICSW. On your daughter’s birthday, therefore, you may want to consider buying long-chained necklaces, wooden or metal bangles or earrings of different designs that you can buy from some night markets at the lowest possible price. Aside from that, there are online stores that give significant discounts if you buy in bulk. I doubt if these knickknacks will even squeeze out more than $70 from your wallet when you buy from such places.



18 To 24 Years Old

“Learning parenting strategies before having children, or at least when they are little – not when your children are teenagers – is the truly effective option.” Richard Zwolinski, LMHC said. This is the time when you genuinely have to think about your gifts for the birthday girl because your baby is already a young adult. While I was surfing through the internet, I came across this online shop called Etsy that sells fabulous jewelry that ranges from new designs to vintage designs which can cost no more than 50 bucks. There are also other items, including shirts, mugs, mats, pins, pens, and even notebooks. The good thing about it is that you can have the trinkets engraved, stamped, or embossed with your daughter’s initials or actual name so you can give her a more personalized present.

25+ Years Old

Although being at the age of 25 or more still makes your daughter a young adult, it is no secret that your kid’s preferences may have already changed around this time. For that reason, you should pay attention to the things that she talks about whenever you are shopping together. It won’t hurt to stalk your baby girl’s Instagram account as well since the photos that she posts there will most likely give you an idea about the things she is into recently. At this point, your daughter may even appreciate gift cards to her favorite stores like Starbucks, Amazon, Audible, etc.

Alternatively, in case your child has recently been talking about her childhood days, you can surprise her with old items from the past. For instance, make the same birthday cake that she smashed on her 1st birthday. You may also look for an adult-sized version of her favorite clothing ensemble many years ago so that she can take a picture in it and compare the two photos.



Final Thoughts

“You know your children best. Doctors, teachers, therapists are all fantastic resources but if you don’t feel like you’re being heard, or your child’s needs are being met, it’s very reasonable to get a second opinion. Don’t be afraid to fight for your child and their needs. While the professionals are experts in their areas, you are the expert on your child.” Dr. Darla Clayton, PsyD said. Nobody can honestly tell that they find gift-buying for their kids a stress-free task. For one, you want to impress your daughter and make her yell, “I have the best momma in the world!” At the same time, you undoubtedly do not want all of her college funds to go to a single birthday present. Not only is that impractical, but it might make your daughter expect gifts that are too expensive from you every time.

If you want to give presents that will not break the bank and your child will most likely appreciate, follow the tips above. Good luck!

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Understanding Depersonalization Disorder in the Eyes of Yayoi Kusama


You may be wondering who is the brilliant artist that used the theme of dots in all her artwork. Her pieces are quite fascinating, and it will make you think why did I not think of this before – to use dots as the center and focus of my art and make millions. Well, frankly, that’s myself speaking while looking at her lovely work.


Late in November last year, we made it to the art exhibit of Yayoi Kusama, or also known as the “Polka Dot Princess.” As you can see from the photos here, she uses almost 99% of dots into her paintings, adding them sculptures, or splattering them to the walls. If you have a fear of circle objects, then this is not for you. Seriously, her artwork is unique and out- of this world. So, why dots?

The 86-year-old Japanese artist used art as her therapy and escape for her mental illness. At the age of ten, Yayoi was already having hallucinations that primarily consist of flashes of light and immensely fields of dots. She experienced anxiety and dreadfulness every time she encounters this type of episodes. To put her emotions more constructive, she started drawing and painting her obsessions, and this began her life as an artist.

“A personality disorder is a mental health condition that causes long-lasting thought patterns and behaviors that are outside of societal norms.” Mindia Gabichvadze, PsyD

Depersonalization disorder


In one narrative about Yayoi, she was diagnosed with depersonalization disorder. This type of mental illness is “marked by periods of feeling disconnected or detached from one’s body and thoughts (depersonalization)”. People with depersonalization disorder are not total mentally deranged in fact, they are still in contact with the reality and are very much aware of their symptoms. When asked, individuals experiencing depersonalization described it like looking at your self or something like in a state of dream. Depersonalization disorder is under the umbrella of dissociative disorders which are characterized by memory breakdown, disruptions in awareness, identity and even perception.



Yayoi’s sublimation or displacement of emotions into a constructive rather than destructive activity, catapulted her to be the most expensive female artist at the present time. Just like Yayoi, persons with depersonalization disorder can be treated and manage their symptoms as needed. Treatment includes the following:

  • Psychotherapy or talk therapy allows the person to speak about their thoughts and feelings in relation to their psychological conflicts. “The benefits of therapy are vast, including having an objective perspective on happenings in your life, a sounding board for you to talk through options before taking action, a place where you can deepen self-awareness, access resources to support your growth and personal development, and much more.” Robin D. Stone, LMHC said.
  • Medications can be prescribed to help depression, anxiety, and disorder thinking. Additional health teachings are provided to take care of oneself when on medications because these drugs have side or adverse effects that can harm the person.
  • Family therapy to include the family members in the treatment process.
  • Music and art therapies are examples of creative therapies to channel the negative emotions and other symptoms associated with depersonalization disorder to a more constructive outcome. Just like Yayoi. “Therapy doesn’t have to be talk-based; there are some modalities, like music therapy and art therapy, that can help you get those in tune with those emotions without having to cough them up verbally.” Hannah Goodman, LMHC explains.
  • Clinical hypnosis may or may not work on certain persons, however, this treatment technique puts the person at a complete state of relaxation and will begin to examine and explore their feelings, thoughts, and memories that are lurking behind their conscious minds.
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