The Devil’s Therapy

In case you have not heard of it, there is a TV show called Lucifer under Fox broadcasting company. However, after three long, wonderful seasons, Fox decided to drop it. I thought that we would never see Lucifer again, but thank heavens for Netflix for giving it three more seasons.

Tom Ellis stars as Lucifer Morningstar in the TV Show of the same name where they depict the devil as someone who gets devil's therapy to deal with issues


The last one is still in the works at this time of writing.

Learning About Therapy Through Lucifer — A TV Show

When I talk about Lucifer among my uber-religious family and friends, their reaction was to do the sign of the cross. They also wanted me to bow my head so that they could pray over me, but I laughed and jumped out of the way and told them that it was cool. In reality, I expected them to react like that because that’s how most people reacted whenever they heard the name Lucifer.

Lucifer Morningstar was king of hell, after all.


Since I was a little emo at heart ever since my personal expectation was that I would see the devil punish regular people at every chance he got.

However, from the first episode, I noticed something odd about Devil Lucifer.

There was this one girl that the devil favored and wanted to succeed, but she got killed, so he wanted to avenge her by finding the killer and making him rot in jail. Okay, scratch that – technically, Lucifer wanted to kill the killer himself, but by some miracle (mostly in the name of Detective Chloe Decker), Lucifer agreed to let the justice work. Still, that only occurred after he scared the killer for eternity by showing him his devil face.

An awesome poster of Lucifer Morningstar as a promotional paraphernalia for the new season of the TV show, Lucifer is hot as hell


That’s pretty much how every episode went, which was quite cool. I loved seeing Lucifer’s other side, which was far different from what religious folks would say about him.

What surprised me the most – more than the devil being fair and somewhat sweet – was that Lucifer went to a psychotherapist who worked as both his therapist and counselor.

Who knew that devil himself needed mental help?

Lucifer Morningstar’s Mental Health Journey In Series

The first time Lucifer got counseling from Dr. Linda Martin in Los Angeles, he made the doctor’s head spin with his charisma and his words.

You see, contrary to what most people believe, Lucifer does not lie.

He wanted to talk to the doctor about his family – particularly his issues towards his father. However, because he is the son of God, and historians had practically documented their family drama in that little book that we all call the Bible, Dr. Linda did not believe Lucifer at first. Still, since she wanted to help him, she thought that he was speaking metaphorically and gave him some advice based on that. It

Lucifer Morningstar is very good looking in this portrait while wearing a black suit with plaid hair


As you might know of any person with deep-seated issues, Lucifer needed counseling for a long time. Despite that, it seemed to work for him to the extent that he wanted to avoid going to hell and being associated with it. (Of course, Lucifer had to return to his old post at some point, but I would let you find out why on your own after this.)

What Does It Mean For All Of Us?

As I finished watching all the seasons again, I thought of how Lucifer was no different from many of us. I knew people who grew up with crappy parents like Lucifer. Some of them had moms who wanted their dads’ attention so bad that they no longer cared for the kids. Other parents were so authoritative that they made decisions for their children and expected them to be amenable to everything. Thus, after a few years, those children learned how to resent and quite despise their moms and dads.

It goes to show how much we all need a counselor in our lives. Without Dr. Linda to question almost everything Lucifer thought was set in stone, the devil could have remained true to his old, sinful ways. Without Dr. Linda to interpret Lucifer’s emotions and thoughts, he could not have known how to name his feelings towards every person in his life.

Lucifer tried to stay sinful throughout the seasons, but he eventually learned the value of friendships and love. There were many times when he cared for his family and accepted that no matter what happened in the past and how dysfunctional they were, they were still his family, and he could not chuck them away.


Given A Chance, Will You Try The Same Kind Of Counseling For Yourself?

Final Thoughts

Considering you feel devilish in your own ways and cannot find an anchor to stabilize yourself, get counseling. In devil’s therapy, you will find a friend or mentor that you may have never known you need in your life until now. Like Lucifer, you may think devil’s therapy is not worth your money, especially since counselors do not prescribe drugs. But if you open your heart and try the devil’s therapy, it will be hard to miss its positive effect on you.

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