Psychologist-Approved Gifts For Your Artistic Daughter At Any Age Without Breaking The Bank



Mothers of different origins tend to become similar to each other on the days leading up to their daughter’s birthday, in the sense that they seem to need assistance from a psychologist during this time more than ever. The reason is not always because the birthday girl is begging for them to throw a huge party or she keeps on asking if she can already have a boyfriend. It may not either be because you are too busy at work, and you cannot take a leave of absence to be with your daughter on her special day.

If you think of moms in general (and you may be one too), you may realize that most of them want to get presents that are within a 100-dollar budget. This idea can apply not only for middle-class individuals but also for wealthy folks who don’t wish to spoil their kids with expensive gifts. After all, it will allow them to find great joy, even in little things.

Now, before you start looking through department stores or online shops, there is one thing that you have to consider: the age of your kid.



3 To 8 Years  Old

If your daughter is in the early childhood stage in which she likes everything girly, she may appreciate dolls, tea or kitchen sets, princess gowns, and pretty much anything else that is pink in color. You may find these as expensive gifts off the bat, but that will not be the case if only you know where to buy them.

13 To 17 Years Old

Some girls may or may not have foregone their idolatry for princesses when they become teenagers, but their passion for colors and bling only intensifies as they get older. “Early adolescents (ages 12-14), middle adolescents (ages 15-17), and late adolescents (ages 18-20) all have different needs from their caregivers based on where they are at developmentally.” says Sandi Lindgren PCC, LICSW. On your daughter’s birthday, therefore, you may want to consider buying long-chained necklaces, wooden or metal bangles or earrings of different designs that you can buy from some night markets at the lowest possible price. Aside from that, there are online stores that give significant discounts if you buy in bulk. I doubt if these knickknacks will even squeeze out more than $70 from your wallet when you buy from such places.



18 To 24 Years Old

“Learning parenting strategies before having children, or at least when they are little – not when your children are teenagers – is the truly effective option.” Richard Zwolinski, LMHC said. This is the time when you genuinely have to think about your gifts for the birthday girl because your baby is already a young adult. While I was surfing through the internet, I came across this online shop called Etsy that sells fabulous jewelry that ranges from new designs to vintage designs which can cost no more than 50 bucks. There are also other items, including shirts, mugs, mats, pins, pens, and even notebooks. The good thing about it is that you can have the trinkets engraved, stamped, or embossed with your daughter’s initials or actual name so you can give her a more personalized present.

25+ Years Old

Although being at the age of 25 or more still makes your daughter a young adult, it is no secret that your kid’s preferences may have already changed around this time. For that reason, you should pay attention to the things that she talks about whenever you are shopping together. It won’t hurt to stalk your baby girl’s Instagram account as well since the photos that she posts there will most likely give you an idea about the things she is into recently. At this point, your daughter may even appreciate gift cards to her favorite stores like Starbucks, Amazon, Audible, etc.

Alternatively, in case your child has recently been talking about her childhood days, you can surprise her with old items from the past. For instance, make the same birthday cake that she smashed on her 1st birthday. You may also look for an adult-sized version of her favorite clothing ensemble many years ago so that she can take a picture in it and compare the two photos.



Final Thoughts

“You know your children best. Doctors, teachers, therapists are all fantastic resources but if you don’t feel like you’re being heard, or your child’s needs are being met, it’s very reasonable to get a second opinion. Don’t be afraid to fight for your child and their needs. While the professionals are experts in their areas, you are the expert on your child.” Dr. Darla Clayton, PsyD said. Nobody can honestly tell that they find gift-buying for their kids a stress-free task. For one, you want to impress your daughter and make her yell, “I have the best momma in the world!” At the same time, you undoubtedly do not want all of her college funds to go to a single birthday present. Not only is that impractical, but it might make your daughter expect gifts that are too expensive from you every time.

If you want to give presents that will not break the bank and your child will most likely appreciate, follow the tips above. Good luck!

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